Inspirational Soup for your journey of spiritual awakening 
from the I AM Teachings
and Get a Little Food for Your Soul and Warmth for Your Heart!
Get Some Luscious Soup For Your Journey...
Each episode of Soul Soup shares a short inspirational message, many times pulling from the I AM Discourses, and then leads you in a Transformational Spiritual Process.  What is that?

You are guided into a relaxed, meditative state through a specific, easy to learn practice.  Then you will be taken on an inner journey to connect to your Higher Self or Divine Nature. There is usually some kind of clearing, healing or visualization.  All healing takes place at the level of the Higher Self.  Each process ties into the message in order to have an actual transformational experience.
Food for your Soul
Warmth for your Heart
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What Others Say about Soul Soup:
“I am fresh… I am refreshed… I am 30 lbs. lighter… I am clear and I am gently focused. The Soup was delicious this morning… I will put some in the fridge for later… Thank you Janette!  Richard R. 

“The meditative process was so transformational! Janette is the master of processes!” T. Jones
Dr. Janette Freeman
Spiritual Teacher & Coach
Your Tour Guide on the Journey of Spiritual Awakening and Empowered Living.
About The Speaker:
For the past 20 years, Rev. Dr. Janette Freeman has been inspiring, teaching and loving people through their journey of living from their highest selves in purpose, joy and passion! 

She is the creator of "The I AM Source Code" online program and author of “Why Did This Happen to Me Again? Your Keys to Lasting Transformation,” and “The Second Envelope,” which chronicles her international solo travel and a path of personal discovery,” and, and co-author with Dr. Wayne Dyer and Terry Cole Whittaker in “Wake Up and Live the Life You Love – In Spirit”. She holds a Bachelor and Master’s Degree in Religious Studies and a Doctorate of Consciousness Studies from the Emerson Theological Institute. She has founded two and served three spiritual communities as their spiritual leader.
Janette is also certified Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner and coach and Certified Hypnotherapist and certified in Time Line Therapy. She is a meditation teacher and a master of delivering personal processes to induce a shift at the subconscious level.  As an empath, she is an energetic healer and has the ability to access the Higher Realms and teaches others to do the same.
My emphasis in working with you is on your internal life (mental, emotional, spiritual) in order to have changes your physical life. If the inner world is in order, the external will be in order. We work on clearing the unconscious beliefs that have been blocking you and help you align with your own Higher Self in a deep and meaningful way.